Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patiently & Persistently

Listen: You first-time sitters are doing incredibly well. I heard Tim tell someone he didn't sit regularly until after his TENTH 10-day. I may finally succeed at it after this, my sixth (not comparing myself to Tim). Acknowledge your Self for successfully sitting twice a day for half an hour. Notice the clamor of your mind and lovingly, patiently, persistently and EQUANIMOUSLY bring your Self back to either the sensation associated with your breath or the sensations on/in your body.

More than one person mentioned how well I "sat" for 10-days. Believe me, from my perspective, there were DAYS that were mostly hell. I'd go up to chat briefly with Tim and he'd reassure me that I was doing much better than my previous sit that he was also the A.T. for. He'd ask if I was being equanimous. If so, he said I was doing fine.

Just continue to sit. If you miss one or both in a day, start again... start again. After a few days of not sitting, you probably won't go back if and until you do another 10-day. As a person who has made a lifelong occupation of making my Self and those around me miserable, don't miss this chance to bypass decades of misery.

By the way, I had difficulty in figuring out how to post my second post yesterday. Now, there is a "new post" thingie in the upper-righthand corner. I had to find the old email that was sent to me inviting me to the blog and sign in from there.


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