Monday, June 14, 2010

Remind me.

i feel like i worked too hard for the 10 days that i need a vacation from it for a few days. also the travel back took me about 34 hours so my body is failing on me.
10 days in seclusion from everything society holds for us.
10 days where we were fortunate to have time completely for ourselves.
but now how do we continue with this.
i know for sure my schedules are busy, at every point of the day there is a rush to complete some task. we find ourselves overwhelmed by things left to achieve. goals to fulfill. every single minute of the day is valuable to move on with living, so tell me again.... remind me again all those lovely people who i surrounded 10 days of my life with.... why is this important?

1 comment:

  1. You went to the course with an intention, something in your life wasn't quite right, and you needed perspective. During the course, did you glean insight from your time? Did you have ideas on how to better your life? Did you feel as though you could think clearly, without the burdens of daily living?

    The reasons you attended the course are the reasons you should continue your practice. While you received benefits from the time you spent, I believe they would pale in comparison to the benefits you would realize upon incorporating the practice into your daily life.