Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sit on it.

Hello strangers!

I don't know about you, but I wish Goenka was my grandfather just so I could give him a hug. When last night I had a glass of red wine, a part of me curled up in shame (what if Goenka can see me?) and the other part curled up in delicious subtle comfort. We can each and every one of us decide how to incorporate his teachings into our lives, what coriander seeds we want to pull out of our pudding to make it more palatable for now until we're ready to eat it just the way mama makes. As long as we're at least sticking our spoons in for a taste, we won't lose sight of our intention to continue practicing in whatever capacity we can. Finding time for meditation shouldn't come as a source of stress in our lives, but rather an opportunity for relief. If we take the time to sit (for an hour, or for however long), we're steeping ourselves in the ever-changing present, direct from the source, and using our time in the most productive way possible. But my job! you say. My obligations! My money that I earned! It will all come so much easier if you have the peace of mind and equanimity afforded by Vipassana. You guys, we're so lucky to have found this! The secret!

Keep it.

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